A handmade brick wall, where each brick is created using Virginia clay and cast from 17th century molds. These bricks utilize the same process as the ancient Egyptians.

But these bricks are not fired, so they degrade over time
and the wall eventually falls.

This degrading structure curves to form both a barrier to circumnavigate and an embrace, for you, the viewer.

Standing within this embrace, you are witness to a journey in the desert. You have no choice but to stare at the desert floor, to ensure your balance.
It's so hot out there that everything appears in slow motion. I'm disoriented. I'm dizzy.
This whole trek is a pilgrimage. An escape.

Eventually we make it to the port.
Here, I'm standing on the dock, waiting for the boat. A last goodbye to a country. A love affair. A home.

All in pursuit of an uncertain future. In favor of saving a life or, we hope, a life together.

Risks are taken and at the end we can only hope that it comes down to one possible point of contact. One point of illumination to brighten the room to drown out everything around us; to bring us back to where we stand.